Dreamwork: How To Use the Positive to Improve the Negative

In the dream I am in a location with JL. The whole dream had the feeling of a day-long experience of hanging out together. Lots happened but some highlights were a walk along a road near a field; him losing a belt and my retrieving it; him telling me I would be taking land soon and also him telling me it was time for me to have a life partner.

Other positives in the dream were me telling friends about dreamwork. They were telling me how wonderful and safe they feel in their husband’s arms and that’s how they know Love exists. I told them I have not experienced real love from a nuclear family, or a marriage and yet I have known Love because of the way it shows up in dreams. And I told them even if they have a degree of feeling of safety with a spouse in real life, if they don’t know how to grow and they haven’t experienced growth through dreamwork then they can never know just how deep true love can go.

JL understood. But they looked at me as though they didn’t want to understand because they thought they “had it all” and I was telling them they were missing something. They knew it was true but didn’t want to admit it.

I think I kept going back and forth between friends and JL and when I saw him because he understood so much it was very comforting.

The most negative part was when I needed to use the washroom and AC entered the bathroom and tried to push me off the toilet. We had an all-out brawl as she was so determined to knock me over. I did get angry in the dream but as soon as I woke up I realized that I don’t get angry like that anymore. It was a memory of the way things used to be not the way things are.

When I woke up today I just felt so energized, happy, clear-minded and focused.

The challenge for today’s dream work is to take what worked well in the dream and then apply it to the situation with anger with AC. What I realize is that when I am not angry then there is no more conflict. I don’t have to get off the toilet but I also don’t have to push her off. Eventually, she will get bored and move on.

In the dream and in real life this is the key to working with people who are consumed head-to-toe with jealousy. Because it’s an ego-based emotion it will one day give up and when it does then the issue is over and everyone can move on in better ways.

The dream says I’m ready to be able to do this now and since what I was good at in the dream was talking about doing dreamwork, it actually means in real life I can use dreamwork as a tool to help myself and others eliminate anger, jealousy and fear until it’s almost gone altogether.


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