Dream Interpretation – Car on Fire

There are so many positives in this dream. The best part is that the dreamer is able to save a newborn baby from a car fire when a mafia-man tries to take the wheel.

The other positives are being able to float in a warm stream and also being able to spot a surveillance crew and dismantle their secret plans.

So what does this mean for real life?

The strongest message is to do what happened at the end of the dream when the dreamer reported what happened to the police investigators.

It takes a certain degree of Courage and Calm to make it through a crisis like that and still be able to talk about it to others.

That is the skill the dream is reminding the dreamer to use today. When they do, it will be like being a mermaid in a warm and flowing stream! Soft, gentle, a bit magical and pleasantly mysterious. 🙂

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