Moving Relationships Onward & Upward!

Relationships are tricky things. But they are the source of life. Our relationships with people bring us the most Joy and also bring us the most Sorrow. Through the anger and jealousy we experience in relationships we can learn about ourselves and transform more self-focused emotions into feelings of Justice and Inclusion. Our relationships show us were we can learn and grow the most because they reveal the areas of greatest challenges and issues.

I was reflecting today on the value of close personal relationships. Why is it that some relationships can last for decades, and some only years, and some only months?

How can we know when the effort to change and work within a relationship is worth the effort?

How do we know if we will be able to keep moving up and forward?

When is it time to pull the plug and change courses, in work or personal relationships?

Each person will really have to answer these questions for themselves but I have one idea to contribute to this concept of growth through turning negatives to positives.

If the negative is so great that it leads to feelings of devastation repeatedly it is likely a clue that the relationship is more about one person getting their needs met and it is not based on equality.

When the negatives can be overcome and something positive comes out of it for both individuals as well as the environment they are together in then this is likely a clue that there is something worth saving here, the effort is worth it, and progress can be made through positive change.

Like a hot air balloon, a good relationship can use the heat of change to move things upwards and onwards into a really bright future!

The key is to not let fear get so great so as to limit the ability to continually go for positive growth!

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