Daily Dream Diary -Motorcycle

January 08, 2017

To dream of a motorcycle is a symbol about getting where you’re going by being independent and agile. There’s probably no more efficient way for someone to travel individually than on a motorcycle.

In my motorcycle dream, I was riding it for the first time and went to the gas station to fuel it up. There I found a man who knew a bit more about motorcycles than I did and he gave me a few tips.

While I was fueling up, a woman came by and as we chatted she found out I was fighting to keep my home and she offered $20,000 so the pattern could be interrupted. I didn’t want to take it at first but then said okay.

There was a greenhouse attached to the gas station and I was reminded that I had a garden to tend to in there. I looked it over and saw what I had planted. Some animals got into my lettuce and carrots and a lady said she had some seeds for me so she went to get them. I looked over the soil and pots and the lettuce and small carrots and felt proud of my small garden.

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