Daily Dream Journal: Miscellaneous Dreams = Finding The Positives

I dreamed I was in a house I spent a lot of time in in childhood.

I was playing around, helping out, and getting ready for something coming up.

I felt like sparring with someone and went to each of the guys to find out who knew how to box. Finally I found one and we boxed a bit and I was able to block all his punches. But I made a face once and he felt bad thinking maybe he hurt me, then he ran away and wouldn’t spar anymore. I tried to find him but he went outside. Others were out there and it wasn’t my thing so I came back in.

In the dream I was trying to clean up the table. There were things on the table which belonged to a woman who I saw abandon herself, abandon the positives, in her adult life. As I was cleaning up, she was in the kitchen and her big blow up tent was filling with air. It was one of those big bouncy castles and it was too big for the house. If it blew up all the way it would fill every corner of the living room, dining room and kitchen and we’d have a hard time getting it out again. So all of us started jumping on it, including me to keep it flat & get it out before expanding.

In another part, as I went back to my computer after the blow up thing I found there was water on my laptop. I tried to wipe it off and then found there was a lot more than expected. I leaped up quickly to wipe it off and was able to get it off.

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