Daily Dream Diary -Miscellaneous

January 07, 2017

  • I was in a kitchen and G. who I am learning a lot from had set up some candies & chocolates for me. Someone spilled beads all over the floor. Then I spilled beads too. He & I were easily cleaning up our beads and he still wanted to give me gifts. I accepted.
  • At one point I was sitting on a bench and a lot of people were watching and when he approached me I took a broom handle and turned it to block his approach and then kicked him with front kick. He backed off and others were like “oohhhh….”
  • In the kitchen I noticed a box over a door with items. It was as though everything was prepared like the set of a play. I had solved a mystery and was trying to tell someone how the box above the door fit into the plot.


In these kinds of miscellaneous dreams where the image is a mix of negatives and positives for some reason then it’s good to notice the positives so that they can help with the negatives.

Someone who wants to give me gifts & who helps me clean up spilled beads wants to approach but I block and kick. The positive is that I know how to block and kick but in this case it looks like there was no real threat and in fact the person wanted to help.

It means I can let down my guard a bit. When I was married I couldn’t because I was doing what was a false strength but now I have real strength and so I don’t need to play games or be on guard.

The spilled beads is a symbol of trying to do something and then getting embarrassed. Being able to easily pick them up is good too as it shows there is no judgement and I’m not alone and others are with me in this.

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