Dream Interpretation: Sex & Pleasure

January 06, 2017

A while back I wrote a dream about sex & pleasure. Here is the link to the dream.

Basically, in the dream I am with someone who is a Healer and it is like we are playing charades. He gestures something which leads me to think the word is “pleasure” and he nods and says well “sex” but he’ll give me the point for “pleasure.”

I want to write a brief interpretation about that.

Sex is a dream is a symbol just like anything else, albeit a powerful one.

It is a metaphor for the coming together of two qualities, a symbol for integration.

So when dreaming of sex with someone the key to understanding the metaphor is to consider what is a quality this person has and in what way is that quality showing up more in your own life as well.

What I mean by qualities is this idea that there are core virtues which all human beings are capable of. 52 of them have been highlighted in Linda Popov’s The Virtues Project but there are dozens more listed in all the world’s religious and spiritual texts.

Our life experience and ancestry sets the groundwork for which virtues are developed early on in life and then as we develop into maturity we can begin to consciously take notice of our strengths and use them or our weaknesses and develop them.

This conscious development of virtues or qualities results in a process of transformation and brings increasingly more positive experiences into life.

For this reason, whenever I dream about sex I do not take it literally, to mean this is about a physical interaction between me and the person. I take it to mean this is about a symbolic merging of a quality that person has with a quality I also have and the dream is there as a message so I become aware of it.

Does this make sense?

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts or dreams about this topic.

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