Daily Dream Journal: Visiting a Maple Sugar Bush

(This is post has two dreams in it. It has surprising content in it, not typically shared in public spaces, but for the sake of sharing symbols in dreams I am writing the dream as it was without censorship.)

I had two dreams last night.

In one, Gracie and I went with another family to a maple sugar bush. The kids were playing amongst the trees. Their dad and I were looking at different parts of the process and noticing how the sap is cleaned to make syrup.

The air was crisp and fresh. It was invigorating and refreshing.

In another dream, I was putting on some new clothes but then found they were second-hand and there was a used maxi-pad. I put the pad in the garbage & put the clothes in the laundry. I felt a tad disappointed but it was no big deal.

Although I can’t describe where I was, I had the feeling of being the director and I was getting ready to rest and had a lot to do coming up.


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