Daily Dream Dairy – Fixing a house

August 2016

In the dream, I was working on repairing an issue in the basement of my house where cold air was coming directly in though a hole in the wall. Others could see where the air was coming in and they felt bad for me but didn’t know how to fix it and I had an idea.

As I was getting tape and preparing this two women were also downstairs and they wanted to have sex with each other and for me to watch. I wasn’t that interested but I thought I could work on creating the wall while the women were doing their thing since they were insisting. J.P. was there and helped to fix the wall.

Then an old employer called me. He was saying something, presenting an idea, but when I asked more details and told him what I would need he didn’t have an answer or information or interest really.

I told him it sounds like the Assembly has been talking and made a plan and is now trying to implement it because he is the third person to talk to me about this thing.

I told him I’m happy to do as suggested and I gave feedback.

He realized he didn’t have all the information and his suggestion was inappropriate and he ended the conversation.

In another part of the dream, I was in a car and was driving over a lawn to where I thought the driveway was but when I got there it was a small hill. I thought of going down it but it would not have been good on the car.

So instead I backed up and then I found an interesting area with food being composted into usable materials.

I went home and got some stuff and when I came back to put my compostable foods on it, everyone came out of the house with instructions for me. I was a bit overwhelmed but we all talked and they showed me the right way to do it and then I just did it and the guy told me that the liquid which comes out of this fuels the electricity for his house and they give that to him for free for maintaining the compost pile.

That seems like a good arrangement I told him.


In the dream last night I had these images which means to me that there is an unconscious pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving which is letting cold-type behaviour into my Self. I am fixing it up but have some attachments, fears and insecurities which prevent me from doing what needs to be done to make the house more secure.



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