Daily Dream Diary – Seaside & Rattling

December 17, 2016

There’s just these few images from the dream last night.

I am running up and down sandy hills on an ocean shore.

Then I am crawling beneath wooden benches which are cob-webby and eventually I push it off me.

A friend is there shaking a rattle to a song and others are in a drumming circle. The music is uplifting.


Ocean is about life and relationships.

Running is about endurance and physical strength.

Crawling through something like that is like crawling through small spaces in my mind and pushing the bench off is like opening up new spaces.

A friend shaking a rattle in a drumming circle is about being connected and being uplifting in my words and actions.


The biggest challenge I have right now in the dream is the crawling thing so what I can do is think about where in life am I the most confined – the answer is clearly my finances – and then I can think about what can I do to create more space and get out of confinement?

When I write about my story this is a part of my breaking free from the mould and creating a new self and a new life for me and my daughter.

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