2016 – Chapter Two – Starting out on the journey

In Chapter One – A friend and business partner was driving a car. A passenger went into labour in a mall parking lot. I delivered the baby. I had a little romance with a CIA agent. I went into the mall and found a woman with a bomb. Got out safely and protected others but not before seeing what someone was trying to hide: inside the mall there was a secret mind-control operation going on and I saw two “scientists” torturing someone under the guise of “running an experiment.” I adopted 3 First Nations children even though I had less money, less time and less space than the mother but she wanted me to help her protect them.


We were all getting into these cars. There was enough seats and belts for all 12 of us but with our bags, boxes and extra jackets we were cramped. I didn’t want to get in, yet the whole thing was my idea to begin with and they wouldn’t be here if not for me, so who was I to say this sucks. I couldn’t say what I was thinking and feeling.

That meant I had to avoid the eye contact of my brother because he could always sense what I was feeling and he would stop heaven and earth to make sure I was okay. I couldn’t have him thinking I wasn’t okay. I needed him to drive the other car. I needed him strong. So I had to be short with my words when talking to him and avoid those dark eyes because then he just figured I was readying and steadying myself for the journey. Which was at least true to a certain degree.

In my day-dreamy place I happened to look up and see through a thin veil of clouds that there was a large bird flying above. Typically it’s hawks in this area but when I looked closer I saw white on its head and I saw it was an eagle. An eagle? Here? It must be because we are in BC I thought.

I followed its gaze to see what it did and it soared around and around in large circles then came to a landing in the parkinglot right beside us. It was at the front of the car and I was at the back. It’s gaze was on me as though there were no car. It’s like it was beaconing me but I was too shy to face it.

It’s one thing when an eagle shows up in a dream but for it to show up in real life. Phew! I was captivated.

I saw it for a moment and then backed away behind the vehicle again.

No matter what others believed, I couldn’t ignore that this was a good sign and it gave me confidence for my journey ahead.


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