Car Dream: Long ride & stadium

In the dream, I’m in the passenger seat of a car that A.R. is driving. The dream has a lot of miscellaneous moments and flipping back and forth between scenes.

In the car, as he’s talking and as I’m looking out on the horizon I can see he wants to go forward for the long-term, for a long drive, but he is chatting a lot as he’s driving and there is also a bee in the car. He seems focused and distracted at the same time so I can’t reply.

He asks for my opinion at one point and there is so much I want to say that I can’t decide where to start. I’m holding french fries in my hands and I’m thinking he might be hungry too. I mention that.

Then he stops driving and yet the car keeps going forward. He shuffles closer to me like he wants to kiss me but then I see a car coming and notice it’s a police car and tell him to keep driving.

We do end up going somewhere, it has the feeling of a hockey arena, or a baseball stadium, or a concert auditorium. And we are wandering a bit trying to find the line up for what we want.

He mentions funny things like asking if I like flowers & telling me he doesn’t, stuff like that. He’s just saying things which engage me in conversation even though his mind is off somewhere else & he’s looking for the food line up.

In the dream, it makes me chuckle & I don’t really mind.

He likes me and wants me around and I am really okay with that.

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