Daily Dream Diary – Going into a New Place

I have arrived at my destination after a long drive in wintery weather. I go into a small diner. Everyone can tell I’m new to town so they look at me with some hostility. I grab a bottle of OJ and look at the menu. There’s nothing I want on it so I walk out. Once I’m out I realize I kept the OJ with me by mistake but just then I hear a familiar voice in a big open barn used for holding events.

I hesitate to go in because she’s not expecting me but I approach anyway and then she sees me and says, “Hey, Rache!” and invites me in. I go in and see they are getting ready to hold an event. She introduces me to someone doing some coordinating and we get aquainted. I am considering just sitting down and joining in.


This dream points to two ways to go somewhere new. One is to just go forward no matter what and the other is to look for invitations and ways to contribute & collaborate. The dream tells me in the situation coming up for me the right way will be to follow invitations and opportunity when the doors open and the way forward is clear.

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