Daily Dream Diary – Adopting Children

In the dream, someone I had a crush on in university kissed me.

In another part, a friend who I’m doing a documentary with asked me to adopt her 3 children. Even though I have less money than her, less space in my home, and less support than she has I still said yes.

We were in a parking lot trying to think of how to get everyone into the car, with their bags and such. As I was talking to the children and prepping them for staying with me then I noticed they all had wet hair and it had an aroma like a special kind of shampoo. Their mother told me that it was an insecticide kind of wash and would kill the bugs they had.

Oh my gosh, they have bugs? I thought. But then I just thought of ways to take care of them and to eliminate the bugs in our home. It was good they had the wash so that no new ones would develop and the old ones could be killed, starved off.

The entire parking lot was surrounded by large snow banks. When I examined them I saw there were rainbows in them, in the snow crystals and it was really beautiful.


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