Animal Dream: Sting Ray

December 28, 2016

A few days ago I dreamed of a Sting Ray in my livingroom. 

A Sting Ray is a large ocean creature which isn’t aggressive by nature like a shark.

I checked out a few things about Sting Rays and this is what I found about their behaviour.

They like to swim with people! Are playful and friendly. They also do what appears to be flying under water! What beautiful creatures!

Sting Rays love people!!

Interestingly, the narrator indicates that Sting Rays are a relative to the Shark but without the aggressive nature. That is so interesting because in my dream, I first thought it was a Shark in my livingroom but on closer inspection found it was a Sting Ray. I love how perfect the Dreamworld is and am awe-inspired at the perfection of the dream.

They also pick up on people’s energy and so tourists are told to send them a “Love Vibe” so the Sting Ray feels happy.

They also “fly” out of water like the one in my dream flew off the floor and attached to the window.

But they also like to nestle deep into the sand becoming nearly invisible.

Yet when they attack it is quick, accurate and vicious.

I take this time to remember Steve Irwin and present the true story of how he died, which is different than the lies the media told.

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