Daily Dream Diary – Cleaning, Big Fish, House to my Self

December 27, 2016

Three really cool things happened in my dreams last night.

When I think of the dream world as a place I can visit and experience it brings me a lot of hope for such a positive future and it also brings me a lot of Joy.

Last night was one of those joyful nights. The feelings I’ve woken up with are playfulness, curiousity, gratitude and expectation of fun!

In one dream my Mom was leaving a house to me and my friends to stay in while she was gone. I was thinking of all the rules and making sure we took good care of the space and then she handed us some wine bottles, showed us where porn was and said smoking is fine so long as we do it outside. We were all like, “hooray! Time to Party!” and then she left.

Next I was in this large room with dim lights and I turned the lights on to see there was an enormous fish on the floor. It could swim as though there were water but as far as I could tell there was no water. At first I thought it was a shark but on closer inspection I noticed it was more like a Sting Ray. It began moving around the room as though we were in an aquarium and it placed itself on the window. I thought it was so cool!

Then in one other part I was just cleaning up the house. Picking up things people had left behind and I said to myself, well, it’s not so bad to be the one cleaning up things. People appreciate that. It’s a great service. And so I just didn’t mind picking up the bits of garbage and tidying the house for people to come over.

Click here to read my interpretation or analysis of this dream and an explanation of how important it is to take dream symbols metaphorically first.

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