Daily Dream Diary – Flood

In the dream I am on a beach and an old lady does something to let the flood waters in. She says the reason is because she wants the store owners to be thinking about the fish and concerned about the quality/health of the water.

In another part, I’m being questioned about how I got to this resort, and how I stayed and why I wasn’t participating fully. They pointed out that they hired me to do their newsletter and I haven’t done it.

I apologized and tried to explain I had two kinds of work to do and I didn’t know they were dis-satisfied.

Later I went into a public shower. It was refreshing. There were two other men there showering and they gave me respect.

In one part, I was in the back seat of a car with a business friend driving it. My daughter got in the car and put a cigarette pack down. She was either talking about going to quit or she already did.

One thought on “Daily Dream Diary – Flood”

  1. I’ve decided to share how I analyse a dream like this.

    The first thing I notice is the symbol of water and that tells me it’s about relationships, about life.

    The next thing I notice is the woman who caused the flood is old. That means she’s doing things the old way. The old way is about competing for what is perceived as the “top” and not caring who gets hurt on the way up.

    People who are like this will say what they are doing is right, that it’s “for the good of the company” or “the best thing for the family” but these are just excuses so that they can get away with their immoral acts which hurt a lot of others.

    My being in a public shower, and others being there who do not try to violate my privacy, shows that the way I do things is actually the better way. A shower is something which cleanses and relaxes so it means I know how to do things which are truly good for relationships and life.

    In the end, a friend is driving a car but in dreams the best place is always to be in the driver’s seat. That’s because cars symbolize the way to get to where you’re going. In life, we want to be the one steering our own car.

    So it’s a good message to me to figure out how to get into the driver’s seat of this car. And the dream seems to say that when I figure that out, then no matter what others do in their old and nasty ways I’ll not be harmed, nor will anyone I care about.


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