Movie-Type Dreams: Receiving the Lesson

When you dream like a movie, there is a significance to this, but I’ve never written about that before so I’m going to come back to that as I think about how to describe it. Having a dream and watching it like a movie is like the dream is giving the dreamer a lesson. The dream is teaching something.

I think the significance is that this dream is about things which you have seen happen but which has not happened to you. Things you’ve seen others experience but you have not experienced but the idea of it possibly happening brings a feeling of anxiety. I’m sort of guessing and just thinking outloud here.

The other thing about a dream like this is that because the people in the dream are not people you know specifically it means the message of the dream is about things happening in the culture. So these are things which just happen around us and some of it we are conscious about and some we are not but when we become aware of it then we can take action to change it. The dream and the somewhat negative emotions which come up with it are there to bring a message about what you can do within yourself or your own life to bring about the positive change which you are here to do.

So remember that everything in a dream is a metaphor. Any negative feelings which come up are not really “negative” but are actually teachers…they teach us about ourselves so we can grow. Let’s look at the symbols now.

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