Daily Dream Dairy – Car on a hill

I’m driving a car with people who don’t know where they are going. We get to a hill and I instruct them to get out which they do. Then the car becomes light-weight and I throw it down the hill. Then I show the passengers how we have to slide and climb down to meet the car and then drive the rest of the way down. It’s clear we are in Fort McMurray.

In another part, I’m riding with my daughter on a ride which mimmicks riding up and down hills in Fort McMurray. We ride it to remember. The scenery in the ride is from Fort McMurray so it’s really wonderful and feels like we’re there.

In another part, someone is on a bed talking to someone else and she wants to do a project but doesn’t have all the pieces. I want to help but can’t do it the way she wants. It’s a bit awkward.

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