How To Flip A Negative To A Positive

How I flip a negative dream —

Here is the key parts of the dream:

-flying a hydro-planing space-craft kind of object an ocean

-Indian man gives a tour

-Obese woman gives a tour & wants money

– I don’t have the money for them b/c I didn’t know their kindness was a paid service

-I want to pay them but don’t have the money

-My head spins trying to think of an honest solution with integrity

Here are the key things to remember when flipping negative to positive in dreams:

  1. This is just a metaphor
  2. The dream came first so I can learn and change for if/when I see this in real life
  3. With negative dreams, begin at the end and work backwards
  4. Flip each negative to a positive opposite
  5. Money in dreams = bounties from the Universe (gifts/joy)
  6. Flying = future…driving/piloting own craft is great!
  7. water = relationships

So – I want to begin with the spin!

Okay, to really look at that, I’m going to write about it on my transformation blog under the topics “Money, Debt.”

The really huge thing about turning this around is that since the dream ended with the spin, I want to begin the work in the spin. Then I can work my way backwards to the wonderful feeling of flying my own hydro-planing air craft. The mind gives a lure which encourages effort.

When I think of the metaphors of this – flying my own vehicle, a futuristic one, over long-distances, over an ocean – I do actually get excited. “Okay,” I tell myself. “Let’s do this.”

So what to do first?

I’ll write about that on You are invited to follow along!

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