How to Make The Invisible Positives Become Visible

There’s just no other way to title this post. Although I’m not a magician by any stretch of the imagination, and I certainly don’t know everything about how to make the invisible become visible, I do know one or two things about it. It’s time to share.

If you study dreams daily for many years, you can begin to see patterns emerge. When you can understand the thought and behaviour patterns which lead to conditions of devastation or to achievement, then you can begin to identify very small signs of negatives or positives and you can contribute to nurturing the positive and squashing out the negatives right away.

This can also be achieved even if you don’t study your dreams but the change will not be as profound and as long-lasting as it can be when the inspiration comes from dreams. The reason for this is that dreams reveal metaphors of the biggest challenges and biggest areas of growth for an individual. A study of them turns the unconscious message of the dream into conscious awareness.

When an insight from a dream is applied in waking life, it is one way to create powerful change and to become aware of things within yourself and also within the outer world.

The biggest problem facing today’s culture, and this holds true for every nation around the globe, is the problem of fault-finding and criticism.

When the negative words come out to the person is it called criticism and when it comes out when the person is not around it’s called back-biting. There is nothing more powerful than this to destroy the life of an individual. So what to do?

To begin with, realize that the positive change will not occur by pointing out the problem. No, the positive change occurs when encouragement and kindness is spread like an epidemic.

The reason why criticism and back-biting is so effective to destroy the lives of others is because it goes largely unseen. It spreads like a silent and invisible bacteria.

To stop this from spreading, the solution is to focus on the positives. Notice them. Say them. Write about them. Post them. Share them.

We live in a very positive world full of reasons to be happy and grateful. People around us have dozens of virtues which they practice and demonstrate daily. People around us contribute in positive and meaningful ways to their families, their communities, their work places every day. When we notice these, and acknowledge them, we stop the crisis of criticism in its tracks.

Go ahead. Try it today. Look for someone doing something positive and tell them you appreciate it. See how everything changes after that.

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