Daily Dream Diary – Bringing a baby to gymnastics

  • dad is driving me to gymnastics
  • i’m in the backseat of the car
  • i realize we live just 11 minutes from chippewa
  • i watch where we’re going so i can drive next time
  • i realize i have forgotten to bring a sports clothes
  • but figure what i have will do
  • i think of how others judge but then decide i’ll just be friends and i’m sure they’ll look past the clothes
  • i realize i have the baby with me
  • and when we get to the gym she is still with me – 6 months old
  • i put little booties on her and her toes move to take on the shoes and i see she is aware and i love it
  • my parents are going to watch her while i do the work out
  • which in the dream makes sense


  • once someone was watching the baby then i went to the washroom
  • a man was in there with his child
  • and i went into one of the stalls
  • i just did my business but could here him with his child, he was helpful and friendly
  • he commented that these new stalls were “interesting” but he said it sarcastically because the tops were so low someone standing could see over the edge and they had to divert their eyes to give the other person privacy
  • it didn’t bother me, i finished and left


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