Daily Dream Journal – Crumbling house

In the dream, I’m in someone’s house and it is old and falling apart. Tiles are breaking. It’s cold & damp. Everywhere I stepped or looked I saw flaws and areas to be fixed. It bothered me that no one wanted to fix these things.

Then I saw someone I love. He was just there in his sweetness, trying to help people. He told me a dream he had of being on a cliff and wanting to fly. He thought it was a good thing and I got nervous. I told him No that’s not the way to do it. Because his dream wasn’t a positive flying dream. He was jumping off a cliff and flailing. I was trying to help ground him.

He got in bed to get warm and I laid beside him on top of the blankets. Someone wanted to join us and he picked her up and put her on the other side of me. He saw that as a great act of chivalry.

I was speaking of the dream but he wasn’t entirely engaged. I wondered what to do next.


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