Money Dreams: Money & Scruples

From: Richard Hastings <>
Date: Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 7:02 PM
Subject: Re: about money and scruples
To: Rachel Pellegrini <>

First of all I am really happy to hear of all the positives that have
happened in your life.   This is all really great.  Your self seems to
be in really great shape right now.   You have done your work to heal
issues that were in many ways generational.  This is probably why you
are receiving the bounties from the work.

However, where you are going now has something to do with the you that
is not related to your acquired and inherited issues.    It has to do
with moving into the space that is uniquely you, which Abdu’l Baha
calls innate.   It seems to me, and I am only beginning to understand
this energy, that it is the part of the true self that has the most
potential for transforming the world as we know it.   This is being
shown to you in the dreams where you lie on the bottom of the ocean
and then go high in the sky.

Most people barely get to the work in themselves that has to do with
their families which is always the first priority in healing because
the family is the core building block of unity.    You have done a lot
of work in that area and it has produced great results.   Now you are
heading into the realm that is uniquely you and has nothing to do with
the generational work.

It is a vast energy in each of us that only functions by the laws of
mercy, not justice and fairness.   There is nothing that you could
ever do to deserve it.  It is strictly given uniquely from the bounty
of God.   Few people ever get to it,  but now that the conditions of
the world are changing we are starting to see it more.    The
resources that were once only reserved for the people at the top are
now being redistributed so that the truly powerful gifts that exist in
people’s souls can come out and benefit others.

When you go into a book store and look at all of the success books,
none of them speak to this because they are based upon a world where a
few at the top control all of the laws and all of the resources.
They have been successful in a world that is completely unfair so they
are trying to teach you how to be successful in that world.  So where
you are going to with your uniqueness is a world where the balance of
power is shifting from a few at the top to people working together at
the level of the rank and file.    The House of Justice has been
trying to get us to move in this direction for quite awhile now so
that our community is the leader in this process.

All of the transformation work that people have done has begun to
have its effect on the balance of power.  And it seems to me that most
of that work is about overcoming the negative effects of leadership by
a few at the top with a lot of power who use domination as their chief
means of success and then try to sell it as a good thing.  That is all
changing now so the people who have done their work, their
transformation work, are going to start receiving the resources
because they will be able to do things that the current world cannot

It is going to happen and you are going to get a lot of resources to
do the work that God wants you to do with your unique gifts.   Those
gifts have a lot to do with the really positive dreams because you can
go to the very depths and go to the stars.

The culture wants you to believe that you owe them and this is why you
keep getting the message that your house is broke and needs fixing and
that you are in debt to others.   The culture teaches you that
something is wrong with you that needs fixing.   It is the chief means
of controlling resources.   It is like how Donald Trump used to act in
the show the Apprentice.   He lets everyone know what is wrong with
them and then eliminates them while maintaining his position at the
top.   He makes you believe that he is helping you, but mostly he is
eliminating others so that he can have more resources.  And so many
people buy into that type of thinking.  It is the same with shows like
American Idol.  Everyone is systematically being eliminated so that
one person can be at the top.     In actuality forces like youtube are
appearing that are completely changing that paradigm.

So the message of the dreams want you to find out what is hugely
gifted in yourself and then begin using it.   When you step in the
arena of action, it will begin to acquire resources.   It is a
wonderful time to be living because we can see the shift right before
our eyes.   It is sort of like what is happening in China.  The few at
the top are desperately holding onto power,  but the change is
happening so strongly that there is no way they can do anything about

So I think that the work for you is to begin acknowledging what is
uniquely you and then understanding what it does, and then doing it.
It must be a pretty exciting time for you.

I hope I am not confusing you more.  Let me know what you think.

Richard> wrote:
> Good morning Richard,
> This was not as confusing as it could be because I have been reading your
> blog often and have picked up some of your concepts of interpreations…I
> followed your method of making an equation as you mention in parents
> interpreting dreams for children and I have really grasped the idea of
> positive opposites and that is why this dream stumped me. I have also been
> having fun deciphering the symbols in my dreams.
> Before writing you, I understood that the postive opposite of not owing
> things and not having enough is having abundance given to me and of course
> God is the bestower of abundance. Recently there has been an abundance of
> bounties in my life…a break-through in my marriage about issues that had
> been challenging us for many years; I started a new job, after looking for
> one year, in my field (I am a teacher too!); I moved into a great city into
> a great apartment; I have had significant progress in over-coming some
> codependant behavious with the help of a great therapist and I have come to
> a new place of healing and health both physically and mentally. Truthfully,
> I have never been more happy.
> Many solutions that I had been seeking for a long time have finally been
> solved. I feel as though I have entered a new chapter in my life…in many
> ways I can relate to the conditions of the Seventh Valley. Every day a new
> blessing and in every challenge a bounty. I feel doubley blessed and am
> grateful and consciously I feel deserving…so what am I missing? What part
> of myself doesn’t feel deserving? This is the part that is confusing.
> It is not that I don’t feel deserving of these bounties because I do. Maybe
> what I need to understand is that even though I did work hard to achieve
> these goals that it is God’s bounty that has brought them…but see, I do
> understand that…and I do feel deserving because I believe in God’s mercy.
> Another dream after this one might have a clue in it…do you think?
> When I woke Up yesterdat I had strong emotions from the dream….couldn’t
> remember it…then I identified the feeling as having someone take something
> away from me and suddenly I remembered the dream. In it I found out I was
> pregnant with Kyle’s baby and in the dream we were separated. So I was sad
> to have a baby with someone that I was no longer with. I wasn’t sad to be
> separated from him.
> I am in a house that needs tons of work…and I am standing in a hall with my
> spiritual mother, Gayle, and telling her I’m pregnant she didn’t believe me
> until I show her my belly button has just popped out and it is huge. It’s
> enormous…the size of a timbit.
> We are moving things around and moving things out of the house. I keep
> running into people that I owe money to. On my way to drive to one person to
> give them money, a woman comes out of her house furious with me about the
> boxes on the lawn until I tell her that I have her money then she softens
> and is fine. But as I go to get her the $200 that I owe her Gayle tells me
> that it was $1000 worth of gas to help me with all this moving and she wants
> me to pay her. I feel defeated.
> The thing about this dream is that it is in a house that needs a lot of work
> which has been a re-occuring symbol lately…what makes more sense to me is
> not that this is telling me that “my self needs a lot of work”…it is the
> positive opposite in that I have acceptance about myself and my life
> circumstance. (I used to dream of a broken house that I was trying to fix
> all the time but now in the dream you see I am not fixing it I am accepting
> it and there is another message instead about being pregnant….so the
> problem is about not being believed/trusted by my close friend.)
> Richard, I dream every single night and am becoming very interested in the
> messages from these dreams and am acting on the wisdoms contained therein. I
> do feel like I am aligning my life with my True Self and feel great
> peacefulness in that. It appears to me that my potential is great and that I
> am getting messages about accepting that.
> For example, I am dreaming about Shakespeare (interesting because I am a
> writer with training in English Literature, Journalism, and experience in
> personal healing journaling)…and I also dreamed this amazing dream where I
> swam down deep into an ocean and then when it was so dark and so cold and I
> should go back to the top for air I just breathed out and let my body sink
> and sink and sink into its depths where it was so peaceful and calm. When I
> decided to go back to the surface, instead of just stopping at the surface I
> shot out of the water and flew higher and higher into the atmosphere. I went
> so high until the temperature changed and I was in outerspace. The thought
> came to me that Google had tracked me with it’s satalites and followed my
> travels. When it was time to come back down I did so with precision and
> grace and without fear. (Again different from previous times when I’ve had
> dreams of sinking or flying that filled me with fear.)
> I don’t know if one thing is related to the next but I feel compelled to
> share these dreams with you. I think there is a message I am not getting and
> that’s why they are repeating. In fact, I dreamed about a man that came back
> to me again and again and I said to him in a very angry voice, “I know why
> you keep returning! Because I’m not getting the message!” I have a feeling
> my dreams are giving me messages about my dreams. LOL! What a mystery life
> is, isn’t it?!
> Anyway, here it all is. Can you make any sense of it?
> Thanks again,
> Rachel
> p.s. I will check out Amazon today and get back to you.
> On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 11:30 PM, Richard Hastings
> <> wrote:
>> Hi Rachel,
>>  It is good to hear from home.   The main thing you need to think
>> about in order to understand the meanings of the dreams is the symbol
>> of money.   In real life money is what we used to make payments and
>> receive payments for goods and services.  In an ideal material world
>> it is based upon the principle of fairness and honesty.   In the
>> spiritual domain money represents bounties.   There is a major
>> difference between the two worlds because money exchanged between
>> humans is based upon equity and fairness, where as bounties from the
>> spiritual domain are not based upon what you deserve, but on the mercy
>> of God.  You cannot give anything to God; you can only receive.  He
>> acts according to His own will and we cannot question it.
>>  People often think that the economic system is based upon hard work
>> and effort, but really the whole thing is fully of inequities and
>> greed.
>>  So the purpose of the dream is let you know that you have a certain
>> amount of difficulty receiving your share of God’s mercy because you
>> don’t think you deserve it.   You didn’t make a call.  You just got
>> money.   You think that you have not done enough to deserve the
>> bounties so you give them away.    So the main thing you have to do is
>> get over the idea that you do not deserve things because that is not
>> how God works.  His mercy exceeds His justice.
>> The first problem is that you are trying to use a pay phone, but it is
>> broken.  Phones have the purpose of connecting and in this case, you
>> need to make a connection with God first, ask for His mercy, and then
>> He will rain down His bounties on you.   It has nothing to do with
>> what you deserve.  If He wants you to have bounties, He will give them
>> to you which could come in many ways.
>> So the work is to let the process of Him bestowing upon you His
>> bounties work, by getting out of the mindset of deserving or not
>> deserving something.    It is a hard concept for North Americans to
>> grasp.
>> Let me know if this is confusing.
>> Richard

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