Positive Police Officer Dream

In the dream, we are in a location, I don’t know, something like a back area of a department store. I watch a large dark-haired man on a bench as a team of specialists encroach on him. He leans back on the bench and someone brings a needle to his neck to sedate him as others are securing his arms & legs. Then suddenly, it’s as though it’s me who is the man. I can feel the needle on my neck, the rustling around at my feet. The sedative doesn’t take effect the way they expect and they have to try 3 times. As I’m drifting to sleep, someone whispers in my ear instructions as though she is FBI and I’ll have help getting out of this.

Next we arrive at the law enforcement head-quarters. I’m standing with a small group outside the building. It’s clear that the man/me is being accused of something and it’s clear that I may not have done anything wrong.

I see someone write a note on a paper beside a bike and it looks like she is trying to incriminate me but then a woman who appears to be a regular law enforcement gives me a green piece of paper telling me what door to go in but then there is a white paper folded below. I hide it in my pocket and then when I can read it without drawing attention to myself I do.

It describes what I am to say to the judge. Something about my work with them having been to write about houses, the room number, layout, design. I understand I am to say this is the reason I’m here.

So we go in but then we are driving. I’m in the very back row of a van and a woman is in front of me. She seems neutral and basically unaware of what has happened and asks me casually what I am writing on. This question seems to perk up everyone in the van as they await my reply.

I pause and then say I am writing about housing in London, architecture, style and layout of houses. She nods, mildly interested, but satisfied. She goes on to say I had written one thing once and then later wrote something which contradicted it. She started crying and said she wanted me to write consistently. I recall the note saying it’s not necessary to write from a promotional stance anymore.

Then there is just one more scene and I can’t place it in the timeline. But I am with two others and we are on the top of an enormous factory-type building. We pick up dirt from one location and then drop it off in an area where it goes into water and the current sweeps it off.

One of the people was saying they did this before and it was so refreshing to get rid of all the dirt. And everything we threw over was swept off into the lake. There was no trace of what we had done.


I woke up. Wrote this down. And then went back to sleep.

Then I dreamt this:

That I was in that big law enforcement building and outside of it. I went to the car for something. My dad was there. He had bought a birthday card for me and Andrea tried to give it to me. It was for infants/children. So I really didn’t want it. I turned to look at him and he was standing outside the car, looking in or around the garbage. I thought that he is so odd and such a strange person and I hated that he would never go away. I turned to look at my sister and she had no idea. I couldn’t confide in her either. But I didn’t want the card and had to come up with a reason why really quickly.

Then I was back in the law building and there was a lot going one. I was no longer under restraint or suspicion but now had a job to do. It was tough figuring out what to do.

Then my ex showed up and I was relieved because he was so predictable. It felt good just to be able to predict someone. Eventually we started kissing and I woke up kissing him.

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