Ferris Wheel Dream: Roller Coaster Ride, Cats, Intruder

In the dream, I am on a huge amusement park ride. The kind where you sit in and then get spun around high in the air. At times, the bar came loose and I was spinning free-style not even hanging on at time.

In another part, I was in the old farm house and talking about cleaning with someone. They said they were teaching me to clean because I never learned how to put things away properly. Then as they were talking a panel came off of the ceiling and I saw 9 or 11 cats up in the attic. They had been there all year but it only became obvious in warm weather. I thought how their waste must stink but it froze in the snow.

I went to get them food.

Then I found someone was knocking at the door and he was in the house without me letting him in. I told someone to call 911 and say there was an intruder in the house. But he hung around, and had a toy with him. He left and we found the toy had a bug in it. He came back to get it and then he and I were flirting a bit. It seemed I knew him from before. I couldn’t tell if he was good for me or not.



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