Daily Dream Journal & Remembering Dreams

I am in a setting I am unfamiliar with and people I don’t know well are there. Something is going on which everyone seems to understand except me. It feels like I’m a detective. That there is a crime or a mystery going on around me in secret. I feel like if I just take it easy I’ll figure out what’s going on and people will be happy about it.

Dreams like this one used to come up a lot when I was a child. They either left me confused and unable to write or describe anything or they left me so inspired and impassioned in writing that I could write out a dream scenario in 12 or more pages. Filled with crime, mystery intrigue, detectives, criminals, deceit, and heroes. When I learned that Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was based on a nightmare I felt I could write a book based on my nightmares too. They were that scary.

When I was a child, I was not able to understand or work with these mysterious dreams which would reoccur at regular intervals.

Now as an adult I feel I’m ready.

And the journey begins.


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