Nightmares: What to do when a negative person is in your house?

In the dream, a Master Manipulator was in my house. He was saying and doing negative things. Just sneaking in one, two or three word comments, nearly under his breath and barely audible. They were negative words and they hurt my heart and they made me want to run away but it was my house and we were standing in the kitchen so I wanted him to leave.

The feeing which took over me was as if I was engulfed in a grey smoke and I had no control over my extremities. I couldn’t speak, nor could I move. I just felt that I did not want his words to devastate me because it took so much time to heal afterwards. It was as though I imagined a shield around me, a white shield of light, and nothing he said could effect me. But also while I was imagining this I couldn’t move either.

I was terrified that if i did the wrong thing he would hurt me and my daughter so I let him do and say anything he wanted.

I was waiting for those moments when he went away.

Then when he was gone I knew I could be by myself and recover from the pain of being in the same space as him.

I remembered that even after he left it was like his sickness would be all over me. In my head, in my heart, even my body felt sick just from being in his presence.

Then suddenly something changed and I could speak.

I repeated back to him his nasty words. It stunned him to hear his words.

Whenever he spoke I just said the things back to him.

He couldn’t deny his words were hurtful and inappropriate.

As he paused in thinking about this, I began to move about the space.

I was afraid that if I showed him where he was so negative and hurtful he would become angry with me, but in fact he didn’t. He just paused, confused.

And I was free from his grip. I could take a few steps and then I woke up.


A house is a symbol of self. 

In this dream, I am in the kitchen of a house I used to live in. So that means this dream is about a pattern of thinking & behaving which started when I lived in this house in the past.

It shows me where I have made progress – that now when people say small negative things I can actually repeat the words back to them and I do not have to be afraid of their anger anymore. 


To apply this learning today, what I can do is notice where in my day does someone say or do something with a very small negative statement. Instead of letting it go I can just repeat it back to them.

The way this helps is that it causes them to think about the words they are using. And because I reflect this back to them I am not absorbing the negative tone of the words. It prevents me from getting tangled up in a conflict or drama. It keeps me feeling light and easy and I can move about in my space again. 

Since the setting of this dream was a house it means that as I consciously make this change in real life, I will be developing a new part of myself. This is a new part which not only does not let negative people in, but also knows how to get them out and in fact, knows how to teach others to do the same. 


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