Forgetting Dreams: How and Why

This morning when I woke up, realized I was awake and gave thought to my dreams, I realized I had the kind of dream I hate.

It’s the kind of dream where there is a lot going on and I don’t have a clear sense of direction. Things are grey or foggy and the images and people are not clear.

It seems like everyone is doing something and I don’t know what they are doing.

I don’t feel safe. I want to get out. And everything is so murky it’s like being submerged in water and not even knowing where the surface is.

When I have these kinds of dreams I feel somewhat hopeless, over-powered, confused and threatened.

When I gave some thought as to the details of the dream so I could set them down in writing, suddenly the images vanished. What little recall I had about who was there and what they were doing vanished and all I was left with was this grey & murky image, accompanied by a feeling of dis-connected hopelessness.

What I know now is that my True Self is deeply connected and aligned with everything positive in the Universe. I am a powerful, positive and loving being who is thinking at all times of helping others.

So what is this grey & murky experience in my dream?

It is a good symbol, in fact, for the next stage of progress in my steps towards facing one of my biggest fears.

In the past, when I dreamed of this, I didn’t mind just letting it go and moving on through my day.

But now, in order to move into a greater experience of excellence in my life, I am going to face this grey & murky mess and it is like I’m brining a flashlight into the dark.

When we forget our dreams it is because a part of us (our ego) feels the need to protect us. We forget dreams when there are very strong negative emotions in the dream and we do not want to look at them, like in the dream I had last night.

But I am going to face this now, write about it, and observe how to transform this old fear into a strength. In this way, the negative emotion decreases and my True Self is more free.

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