Master Manipulators: What To Do When They Get In Your House?

First: As much as you can, identify how you feel. What are the strongest negative emotions?

he was in my house, saying and doing negative things, I couldn’t explain it, didn’t know how to get it to stop and was terrified if i did the wrong thing he would hurt me and my daughter so i let him do and say anything he wanted, waiting for those moments when he went away and I could be by myself and recover from the pain of being in the same space as him. It was like his sickness would be all over me. in my head, in my heart, even my body felt sick just from being in his presence and it would take me hours or sometimes days, often times nearly 2 weeks after particularly dark times to get back in alignment with my True Self again and feel the ability to face him again. during those hours, days or weeks I had to withdraw from friends and family because I couldn’t tell them what I was going through. I couldn’t explain it and I feared they wouldn’t believe me. So I never felt more isolated in my life. It was like I was wearing a shell on the outside and interacting with him and my daughter while on the inside I was just working away in my thoughts always trying to figure out a way to get out of what I interpreted as pain and to get to a place where I felt peace. I just didn’t want to be afraid anymore. ~ Anonymous (A description from a real person about what it was like to live with a Master Manipulator in real life, 2016)

Second: Ask yourself, what have you done well in the past? Remember it vividly.

Third: Find the determination to repeat something you’ve done well in the past again today.

Fourth: Just do it!

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