Random Notes About Dreams When I Woke up

In the dream I was running.

Remembering a dream when there is a feeling but no image is like trying to see details of a tree reflected in a moving river.

It’s there. The green over the blue. But it’s blurry & messy & a tad tricky.

Images of my mother, my ex, strangers, come to mind.

Was that this dream or someone else’s? What that last night for from nights ago?

The images arise and fall like a leaf tumbling in the moving water, dipping in and then popping up.

Was I okay, in the dream? Did everything turn out okay? I try to listen for the memory of any dream scenario which would give me more clues.

I feel absolutely great. Well rested. Peaceful sleep. Good week planned ahead. Enough money in the bank for 2 weeks worth of basic expenses. A plan for upcoming work tasks. A plan for upcoming community development tasks. Ideas about running and changing this old pattern once and for all.

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