Daily Dream Diary – Swimming Pools & U2

I am in a large, upscale building. Very modern & trendy. Bright, spacious, clean. It could be a hotel but its designed to look and feel like a home. Outside there is an expansive patio with about 5 survey swimming pools. Bright blue & sparkling.

I go back and forth between the outside and inside. The weather is so warm. Everything is easy. I feel so relaxed.

It seems the reason we are there is to record an album/video. There are 5-6 people on different screens and instruments and they go through their performance and recording as I watch. At one point, a guy’s screen shows the wrong thing, he announces it and they fix it and keep going. I notice how easy it was for the team.

I look through a brochure for their video. It has a quote from the Universal House of Justice commenting about the rock band U2. I stare at it over and over. It warms my heart to see these two parts of my life mixed into one. It’s so cool.

Later, after the recording, some people hang out, some go to bed. I use the washroom and walk by two people playing in bed. Then I go back to the deck.

I sit beside a guy who is clearly attracted to me. He’s not really my type (sort of books-business type) but I’m not one to judge or be prejudiced. As we sit there I realize that he’s been actually trying to get my attention for the duration of the stay. Other guys look at him, winking and stuff and it dawns on me that he’s been hoping to get together with me.

Oh, what to do now? I wonder. I feel like I want to be friends but also since I’m not committed to anyone I suppose I’m open to explore the idea of a relationship.

We just engage in light chit-chat and eventually both go our separate ways.

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