Travel Dreams: How To Get To Where You Are Going

In the dream, I am on a very long journey, traveling across a country or a continent. It’s night time and I’ve entered someone’s apartment. They are an associate and away on vacation. I’ve stayed for a couple days and now it’s time to move on. I’m gathering my things for the travel, my bag, keys, food, clothes and cleaning up what I used. I hear the voice of a mutual friend, like on speaker phone, just asking if I need anything, where I’m going, that sort of thing. I feel really confident about the journey even though I don’t share a lot of details.

This is the second walking dream I’ve had in a row.

Yesterday I dreamed this:

Last night I dreamed of walking down the Ridgeway Road, passing the school and looking for a street which will take me home. Each side road had construction on it. Finally I found one that had a row of bulldozers all along the left side but there was a path where people were walking and I could see it would take me home so I turned and started down the path.

Walking in a dream is about going step by step towards a destination.

When we start out with a project or a journey, the virtue needed is enthusiasm.

One dream tells me I’m on the right path but because of issues from high school which I am dealing with there will be a lot of construction on the path.

Building roads in a dream is about creating opportunities for people to get to where they want to go.

The other dream is likely reminding me of the part of myself which is a very private person who desires to travel and not disturb people.

Both of these dream images show me that when I just keep taking steps in the direction where I want to go I’ll get there.

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