Torture Dream: How to Wake Up To The Ways Actions are Hurting Others

Here is a dream someone sent me recently and my reply.
My dream was essentially me working with a bunch of weird people in a human slaughter house similar to a Saw type of movie. What I remember is vague. 2 people were crushed. The second got some bloody water on me as I think I was supposed to have a date after work and i panicked and woke up.
Torture films, like Saw, reveal in the special effects as though gore were an art form. Unlike other horror movies which tap into such fears as that of the unknown, the supernatural and the dark, the impetus for fear in a splatter film comes from physical destruction of the body and the pain accompanying it. The popularity of these films in the real world exposes a main-stream fascination which only leads to abasement. 
Saw in particular is noted as unique because the capture believes that his victims will be stronger after they experience the torture. The psychological game is to set something up and then watch to see how people react, believing it is not hurting them at all..or if it is, that the pain is worth it.
Unfortunately, this pattern of thinking actually exists in the real world by people who are seeking power at every turn and they don’t mind setting things up which will hurt others just to see how they will react. 
In the dream, much like in the movies,  the dreamer sees himself as both the capture and the captive. He works there, and does the dirty work. But a part of him knows what he is doing is wrong because he thinks he will look bad on a date.
Dreams like this are a good wake up call. It shows areas where the possibility of developing new positive energy exists.
The positive opposite of a torture chamber would be a positive environment of peaceful acceptance of one another, an environment where people lifted one another up, helped one another, accompanied one another through their darkness, a place where everyone experienced safety and security, a place where people encouraged one another. 
This dream suggests he has the ability to be in this positive way to help others. If the dreamer wakes up to what he is doing to crush people and if he does enough work to change that old pattern then he can really help others.
What stands in they way shows up in the dream. The dream ends in a feeling of panic. It means there is some work to do around this so you can get to the really positive.
A helpful thing to consider is that when the mind goes out into the future and imagines something which causes fear it means it is something which was experienced before and there is fear it will happen again. 
If the feeling is panic or anxiety it means the mind is looking out into the future and imagining something which has never been experienced but which has happened to others and is worried it will happen too.
When you can tell the difference between these two states then you can solve them. The solution for a fear is Courage. The solution for anxiety is Trust. Both require determination to get through.
So the solution for him in a dream like this is that he can ask himself, “where in my life am I crushing and slaughtering others?”
Yet is not always easy to think about ways in which our words or actions harm others but a dream like this is a wake-up call for change.

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