1008 Dreams: Eating A Snake

In the dream, I am seeing through my own eyes. Just watching and observing. Seeing what’s going on.

There is a lot of movement and action and activity and people are just very excited about something or other. When I try to recall it, it is like images on a movie screen moving too fast, or like trying to focus on something while swimming in a pool.

But there is one part that is clear. Someone has a snake, is chopping it up with people and eating it. I have a clear image of a snake being sliced in half length-wize and they are eating it like a sandwich. There is juice coming out from the middle and it could be seen as being gross but I watch them to see what they will do. They just eat it as if it’s not gross but are eating really slowly and looking around and I think they don’t like it.

I do not have a clear picture of the person or people or environment, but just a clear image of a destroyed snake getting eaten by someone who I don’t think wants to eat it.

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