Daily Dream Diary – Bugs, Bees & Flies

Last night I dreamed of bugs, bees & flies.

The bugs were all dead, on a window sill. When I woke up from a bed I was sleeping on in someone else’s house I saw those bugs. They grossed me out.

A small group of them were alive, clinging together in what looked like a bug ball, about the size of a tennis ball. I noticed some where bees. I swatted at them to get them away and forced them into a room where my dad was sleeping. I called out to him, “there’s bees in your room.”

“Okay,” he said.

“I’ll try to get them out,” I said, opening the door.

A dozen bees flew out of his room and swarmed my head. Telling myself to stay calm helped. I didn’t panic.

Waving my arms, and exhaling, I scotched into another room, which turned out to be a bathroom, and shut the door. Not a single bee followed me in.

Without looking at the toilet paper holder, I reached down to grab a piece so I could wipe my face. My fingers landed on something wet and furry. It startled me and I looked down. It was the face of a kitten. A head disembodied from the torso. I jumped back, grossed out.

When I saw the body of the kitten by the toilet, I noticed hundreds of small bugs, like fruit flies all climbing around and in the little bloody body. “Oh, this is terrible,” I decided. And I left.

The reason I was in the house to begin with was that relatives were visiting. I had wanted to be included but my mom was there, acting silly, and the group ended up excluding me because of what was said behind my back. (November 08,2016)

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