1008 Dreams: How To Really Run With Something

This is a dream I had in about 2012 & the interpretation.

I am here in my apartment.  I am trying to use my cell phone but when I get it from my purse I see that I have picked up someone else’s from Mac Island (the community center where I have a gym membership, library membership, and often bring my daughter to the indoor waterpark) and now have 3 identical phones instead of the 2 I usually have for my work phone and my personal phone. I am trying to figure out which one is the one that belongs to someone else so I can bring it back. I push the button on one and a friend says “Hello” – oh hi, I say, how are you? He tries to answer but the phone battery wears out and we are disconnected. But now I know that this one is my personal phone.

As I go to identify my work phone my attention goes to a screen. I then see in a video of us and at first wonder how I am seeing this image but then let it go thinking it doesn’t matter. There is a screen in the back of a chair or something. I see him so clearly, and it looks like “high definition” television and the image is zoomed in close like he is right in front of me, and it is winter. It is right after our photos were taken and we are feeling a lot of love for each other and very connected. Then he starts running. The way he runs is that he can do it without any effort. He is doing it like a game and also to show off. He is running really fast but yet it looks easy and as though he will never tire. As I watch I am amazed at his strength and skill and endurance. He is like an athlete and I am in awe at his capacity. The me in the video starts to run behind him. Not chasing him, just running also. I am watching to see if I can run without looking tired too. I look like I am having fun but I do not have the same grace that he has.

Then we are driving together back in Niagara Falls. I in the driver’s seat and he in the passenger seat. We are going down a side-road really slowly and I am asking him if he wants to go to see the Falls. (Niagara Falls is the big tourist location in my hometown. especially for honeymooners — it’s the “honeymoon capital of canada” we call it) He says yes but then asks how far it is. I say on the other side of town but it is only 20 minutes there and I begin to plan out my route wondering how to get to Stanley Ave from here. A car behind us wants me to move faster but I just pull over to the side of the road and drive along the shoulder for some time and let it pass us. We approach a busier street and I am ready to turn right to head to the Falls.

Then my attention comes away from the screen to my daughter in the apartment. She is pulling out things from a garbage bag asking me if she can wear it. I had put these things away for a special day and she has found them. I say, okay, you can have them. There is a purple t-shirt and skirt that she really likes and she is telling me when she will wear them. I tell her I love them too and look to see, yes, they still fit, in fact they are a size too big so she will get to wear them for a while as she grows. There is a bag of goodies and toys too. I ask her again exactly where did she find these. She tells me in her drawer. I say okay and I take them and am feeling happy that now I have lots of things to give her as toys and surprises in the upcoming days.
Thanks again Richard!

When you do a positive dream,  you don’t have to transform anything like a negative dream.  You take the symbols and then begin living them out.   They are often shown to you as lures for your spirit so that you will move in that direction.

In this case the dream wants you to differentiate between your private life and your work life so that you are not confused by who your friend is in the dream.    When you try to answer him your personal phone, the battery wears out.   This shows you that message is more for your work life than your personal life even though all of the experiences in the rest of the dream are pretty intimate.  It would be easy to interpret this as a message for your personal life, but its primary application is in work.
The dream shows you a picture of your friend running because he is like the role model for what you need to do at work.   He can “run with something” because he can get close to people.  When you can get close to others in a work situation, you can run with any project and you can be in love with what you are doing.  This is the little known principle of administration that no one uses not even Baha’is even though Abdu’l Baha modeled it over and over.   When you can get close to others, you can make any project flourish.  Projects come to an end over disunity usually because leaders usually can’t get along with the people they are working with.  So the dream wants you to run with intimacy in your projects and then it will be like a honeymoon all the time and it will spill over for benefits for your daughter especially and you will be in the driver’s seat of your life.

Let me know how this feels for you.   It is an awesome step given your past.

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