Daily Dream Diary – Help With Divorce

In the dream, I am meeting with a Family Support Worker, trained to accompany women through divorce when there has been irresponsibility on the part of the other party.

When I got to her it was crowded. She was expecting someone to help who couldn’t arrive. I sat somewhere asking some questions and saying a plan and she said No. I was surprised. Her office was beside a shoreline.

She told me we had 7 minutes. There was books and papers everywhere and clutter. Kids coming and going. I didn’t think we could get done in 7 minutes. She said everything was going to be fine.

At one point, I was driving a truck. It was a transport truck because I was very high up. I could see both sides of the road and I drove down the middle at high speed. That’s how I got to Rita’s on time.

There was another part where we were walking in the neighbourhood. Looking for something. An entrance?


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