Daily Dream Diary

In the dream, I was in some sort of prison. It had the appearance of a large office space. There were 3 others and we were locked inside an area. There was a police warden of some sort.

We were getting ready to leave. To leave, what we had to do was fill in a form and submit it through a slot. Then the wardens approved it, returned an approval to us, through the same slot and we were released.

I put mine through and it was fine but then someone I was helping wasn’t approved. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted out but also didn’t want to leave them there.

Then it was like I was released and was watching them from a far, on the other side of a window perhaps. I couldn’t help them but wanted to.

In another part, we were released and sitting on sand on a beach. Relaxed. Waves came up and it was so refreshing. They washed over us. Someone else didn’t like it but for me, it was no problem.

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