Daily Dream Diary – Giraffe & Tiger

I dreamed I was watching a stunt devil, a stunt artist, prepare for his performance, feeling a bit of angst about how he could pull it off. He We were by a big waterfalls, like Niagara Falls, and he brought an over-sized tiger who appeared to be tame but unharmed out to the yard and they circled around, sizing up the space and the crowd & traffic going by. Then he brought out some animal which was the same size as the tiger but I had never seen something like this before. It was brown & heavy like a bear but moved more like a cat. There was also a tall giraffe there and I wondered how it would fit in.

When we were getting ready, I noticed there was someone in the crowd looking suspicious. Up close, I saw he had an ear piece in. I thought he might be secret police and I started to follow him. I thought of how to warn the stunt artist that someone might be trying to sabotage. But also I had to be sure if he was dangerous or someone else protecting the stunt artist.

In another part, I was in a public school with my daughter and they always wanted to sell stuff to us. I told her even though we paid at the other one on a regular basis, this “free” school made me feel like i was paying all the time and too poor.

There was some talk about evil and the devil. Teachers believed it and I wondered where on earth there was still a group of people who believed it so strongly like this.

In the school, we were standing in line and there was a police officer behind me. Someone said to someone who was new to our country that this is the uniform of combat.


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