Daily Dream Diary

I dreamed that I was climbing a mountain and it felt great.

At one point, I met a family high on the hill and there was some sort of children’s camp, for children with special needs. The host was happy to see me and acting quite humble or star-struck. I goaded him and told him not to be like that and said I was here to watch a miracle with these children. I meant that to be a compliment for his work in the program he was running but he took it like I could really make a miracle happen with these children.

Then he told his wife I was like Jesus and could make miracles happen.

When he said it, the way he said it, I couldn’t argue. I knew it was true I can make miracles happen but I meant it in a different way and I couldn’t find a way to explain that. So then it made it look like I was agreeing that I was like Jesus which I wasn’t trying to convey.

Needless to say it was awkward and eventually I was with a group who was climbing back down and I was glad to get out of there.

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