Snake Dream: Feeding The Change


In one part of the dream there were hundreds of crickets all over a living room floor. It was the house of a friend which I spent so much time in childhood. I understood the crickets were for their pet snakes who had been going hungry but then too many crickets spilled out. I started squashing them one by one really gently and making a pile of them to feed the snakes when they showed up. I noticed that someone, maybe the mother, was watching me and not understanding what I was doing but it made a lot of sense to me.
In another part, I was sitting at a picnic table beside a river or lake. A positive person handed me a crossword book with a list of words and he gave me the instructions to use those letters to make other words. Then he occupied himself with another task. Gracie might have been nearby and he had an activity for her. As I stared at this list & considered what I’d been asked I noticed really complex words but then I chose to just write simple ones such as “the, and, it” because it would hide that I read the bigger words.
Then he came over to check my work and he read my words and he was disappointed with me. He took a few minutes and wrote 5 bigger words and then he eft again telling me I need better words than this for the next part of the activity. So I looked at the list again. I realized that there was a theme in the words he chose plus in the ones on the page and I realized he wanted me to create words with a theme around Time and a certain celebration/holiday. So I started quickly writing those down and had 7 or 9 without trouble.
He returned and was pleased with the list and said let’s get started.
There was one other scene in a cabin/cottage in woods but the details are less clear.
I think this is about what I do to hide my gift for reading & understanding.

Positive Dreams: Holding a Positive Vision and Going for it

If we think of dreams as having meaningful messages for our growth & development, and we see that negative dreams show us where things can be flipped to positive, then what of dreams which are already positive?

Positive dreams show us what we are already good at. The dreams have images which bring us a degree of joy or satisfaction or accomplishment & they remind us of our strengths & potential. When I have a positive dream, I like to play it out in my mind all day, to dive right in and enjoy it!

Last night I dreamed I was taking a large group of children on an expedition. I was the leading supervisor for a group of school aged children but in order to leave the property a manager needed to accompany the group. The manager who joined us was awesome. She was energetic, happy, a bit carefree but yet focused, smart, diligent and compassionate. She was organized without being compulsive; responsible without being condescending.

She told us about a friend or colleague who had just died and she kept repeating the sound “OOhhh”…she said she herself kept hearing it everywhere, in people’s names, in songs, etc. She repeated it often and we realized it sounded like “Ohm!” so we all chanted this for a bit.

I thought it was really cool that she acknowledged this meaningful sound even in a work setting.

What this dream means is that I have the ability to be like that manager. All the traits she has are ones which I have in potential. Since the dream was good and the trek went well it’s showing me that I can move forward now and have this experience metaphorically to look forward to.

The challenge came in the dream when I was about to go on the trek and then thought of someone from my past. He wanted to join us and I told him he couldn’t. There was a bit of a tangled mess to get out of and I had to use my words wisely so that I didn’t say something which I would later regret.

Fortunately, I got back the group and we moved on.

So this tells me that when I deal with this issue, which is about getting tangled up in other’s drama, then I can detach with compassion and continue moving towards my goals using my innate and learned skills.

Anyone can do the same with a positive dream.

Just notice the great feelings and hold them all day long. Notice the positive people in the dream and ask yourself how you can be more like this today? I bet there will be an opportunity to do so and it will move you forward in the direction of your dreams.

Police Dreams: Developing Inner Consciousness

A re-occuring issue which shows up time & time again in dreams people send me is interactions with police. In the real world, police serve an important role in enforcing laws. In time, as laws become more and more just and our civilization is based on fundamental spiritual principles of equality, police will participate in contributing to a peaceful society.

In the dream world, police officers are symbols for authority. Having an inner sense of authority is really important. It calls us to continue striving to be the best we can be.

In a recent dream, I was outside doing something or other and I saw an officer interrogate someone. I could see they were put into a state of distress by the conversation and I thought I would approach them afterwards and see if I could offer comfort or reassurance.

This signals the next stage of development because it shows I not only no longer have an inner issue with it myself, to some degree, but that I feel like I could support others who are going through something I’ve been through before.

Years ago, I used to have dreams of police all the time. In the dreams, generally I’d be trying to do something I wanted to do, as simple as walk down a path and police would show up and I’d feel threatened.

After doing a lot of change work around these fears of being oppressed I’ve noticed that now often times in the dreams I am a police officer. Then things look entirely different.

I’m still working through an understanding of this symbol, but I’ve come to think of of a police officer as a symbol for inner consciousness, inner law reinforcement, so to speak. When we have our own inner cop, which we are obedient to, things seem to go a lot better in life than without it.

Daily Dream Journal

October 2016

Someone was after me in the dream. She was a corrupt cop who was using one thing to make me look bad and trying to collect evidence. I planned to meet with her at a fast-food restaurant type place and tell her everything she wanted to know. But when I wasn’t there she was talking to others, trying to get dirt on me. When I showed up she was surprised.

When we sat down, her story fell apart. She couldn’t do what she wanted to do because of her issues with herself. So I got up and left.

I had to use the washroom and it was far in the back of a building. I felt as though someone were following me.

When I got to the washroom I found it was an outhouse and a guy dressed in black with a white Halloween face was waiting. I turned and ran. He got out and ran too. He was tall and moved faster than you’d think he could, like teleporting.