Letter to Rhett and Link: Rhett’s Dream Interpretation

Here is a letter I wrote to Rhett & Link last year and posted on their Community.

Hi Rhett and Link – My daughter Gracie and I watch your videos all the time. We really enjoy them so much. What you are doing is excellent. It’s playful, fun, and makes us laugh all the time.

I wanted to share something with you about the dreams you shared in this episode about joint dreaming. I shared this video with author Richard Hastings who has a website called Dreams For Peace (www.dreamsforpeace.wordpress.com).

He’s listened to thousands of dreams over the past couple decades and I’ve found his interpretations really inspiring. He watched your video and here’s what he wrote:

“The woman in the dream is who she thinks the world wants her to become which she is freaked out about. The woman in his dream represents what he thinks he will end up with if he advances too much. What they both share is a lack of clarity about what they are after. They know they don’t want society’s vision of success, but they also don’t have an alternative view.

When they find out what they want, then they can move toward it. They are haunted by the cultural goal because they have nothing else. This is why when you do the work of transformation it is never just about elimination. It is always about moving forward to something higher. A lot of people in that age range have the same way of being stuck. I spent a lot of years believing that if the person at the top would go, then everything would be fine. This is the issue of people of my generation. But when they go, there is nothing to replace it. So that is why my vision is to build a culture of transformation. ”

Rhett & Link, I’d be interested in hearing what you thought about this. I like when you talk about dreams. Looking forward to hearing more! Rachel and Gracie (& Richard)

Here is the episode I’m referring to.

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