Animal Dreams: Elephant & Aligator

In the dream, there was an alligator on one side of a road and an elephant on the other. I was watching the elephant trick the alligator into thinking it’s trunk was another alligator and the alligator was stunned & watching cautiously.

Then, really quickly, the elephant ran across the road and jumped on the alligator with more agility than one would think an alligator could have and it started hitting its foot against the alligator’s head.

I turned my eyes away because I didn’t want to watch the violence but it was clear the alligator was dead.

Aligator is an animal which hides under the surface of the water and then pounces to attack. Some people are like this in real life. They pretend to be harmless and friendly and then pounce when they see an opportunity for their own advancement towards their selfish aims and they don’t care who they hurt in their actions.

Elephant is a strong animal. It is the Eastern equivalent to Bear in its strength.

This dream tells me a good message that I am able to see where in my life someone tried to attack like an alligator but was stopped by a strong opponent.

Since the dream image is using animals instead of humans to give me a metaphor, it means that the elephant’s strength is developing in me but I still have some work to do. That probably has to do with my own fears which as I work through I will be stronger and stronger.

It’s not meant to be about violence.

Simply put, we all have higher and lower natures within us. As we work to understand how our ego or lower/animal nature is trying to take control in our own life than we can strive to develop the positive virtues and characters which will allow us to live with a sense of fulfillment and true achievement. This means living a life of service to others and helping in every way possible for the greater good.

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