Snake Dream: Feeding The Change


In one part of the dream there were hundreds of crickets all over a living room floor. It was the house of a friend which I spent so much time in childhood. I understood the crickets were for their pet snakes who had been going hungry but then too many crickets spilled out. I started squashing them one by one really gently and making a pile of them to feed the snakes when they showed up. I noticed that someone, maybe the mother, was watching me and not understanding what I was doing but it made a lot of sense to me.
In another part, I was sitting at a picnic table beside a river or lake. A positive person handed me a crossword book with a list of words and he gave me the instructions to use those letters to make other words. Then he occupied himself with another task. Gracie might have been nearby and he had an activity for her. As I stared at this list & considered what I’d been asked I noticed really complex words but then I chose to just write simple ones such as “the, and, it” because it would hide that I read the bigger words.
Then he came over to check my work and he read my words and he was disappointed with me. He took a few minutes and wrote 5 bigger words and then he eft again telling me I need better words than this for the next part of the activity. So I looked at the list again. I realized that there was a theme in the words he chose plus in the ones on the page and I realized he wanted me to create words with a theme around Time and a certain celebration/holiday. So I started quickly writing those down and had 7 or 9 without trouble.
He returned and was pleased with the list and said let’s get started.
There was one other scene in a cabin/cottage in woods but the details are less clear.
I think this is about what I do to hide my gift for reading & understanding.

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