Anger in Dreams: How To Process Negative Emotions in a Positive Way

In the dream someone knocks on the door and Gracie lets a man into the house who is selling something.

Before I’m at the door he is already in the hallway and she is standing there bewildered. I usher him with a strong tone to get out and he does and then I speak firmly to Gracie that she isn’t to open doors when I’m not there, etc.

I told her the man could have had a gun or anything and we can’t trust strangers. I told her to let me open the door always. Then I stood my ground with this sales guy and told him what he did was wrong. He shouldn’t have come into a house without an adult letting him in.

After he left Gracie was upset and ran into the living room. I told her I was sorry but she became angry with me as though I was the problem. I told her I was keeping her safe and she said she hated me.


The biggest challenge in this dream is about boundaries. A house is a symbol of self in a dream. Gracie can be a symbol of me when I was her age or it can be about the real Gracie in day-t0-day life. The dream reminds me that when I was young I was not taught healthy boundaries and now in trying to teach Gracie it is a challenge.

The big emotion which comes up is anger so this is about me finding a positive way to release anger in real life which leads to growth. When I get this it will be like living in a well-protected home which strangers cannot come into.


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