Daily Dream Journal: A Car In A Desert

In the dream, I am in a desert, warm & dry. I find my sister’s car there and approach it to retrieve it for her. Inside, sitting in the front seat, is a middle-aged woman smoking and she tells me she was just keeping an eye on the car but I think she was really going to steal it. I notice parts of the dashboard and other things have been stolen and it doesn’t look like it will run anymore. But she tells me it will and crosses the wires to get it going. We drive it a distance to head back into the city.

At some point, I am sitting beside a “known” mobster named Jimmy. He doesn’t think I know who he is and he’s just flirting with me a bit. I flirt back for fun but then say a comment which I read in the news about him “There’s always time for Jimmy” and then he knows that I know who he is. And he is surprised that I associate with him even though I know his criminal past.

In another scene some other guy is driving a car and I’m in the passenger seat. He tries to touch my knee to flirt and I push it away. “Keep your eyes on the road,” I demand.

Cars in dreams are about getting to where the dreamer is going.

Our True Self is always striving for excellence, for improvement, for growth.

This dream shows two cultural barriers to growth for women.

It’s like they have two easy choices.

On the one hand, they can be the driver of their car but there is manipulation & theft involved.

On the other hand, they can let men drive their car but there is criminal activity and corruption involved.

To find a middle way through this maze for women is not as easy as we think it is or would like it to be.

You may wildly disagree with me and say women have come a long way and have some aspect of equality. I say we are not even a little bit close. Not even a little bit.

But that is where we are headed, towards increased environments with Equality. Justice and Progress will be achieved. I’m sure of it.

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