Martial Arts Dreams: Metaphors For Using Strength

I’ve resisted writing about Martial Arts dreams for about a year mostly because I was just thinking about it a lot and didn’t know what to write.

But recently I’ve had a re-occuring scenario show up and so I’d like to write about it.

  1. First I dreamed of being in “fighting stance” and feeling like a threat was coming but not being able to see where from. I was circling around looking to see who it was who wanted to fight with me. I actually had adrenaline going as if I was in a fight but there was no one to spar with.
  2. Next I dreamed that I was in a workout room at a gym with my Taekwondo Master. He was standing with me by the treadmill and would move with me from machine to machine. He was talking, saying things, coaching. Soon I realized that because of how he coaches me while I’m in training that when I am in a match and he tells me what to do I will be able to do it very quickly. I could see I would be very good in a match & he was training me well.
  3. Then I dreamed I was standing beside a rave, the music was going, people were coming and going and someone had done something unjust to me. It took me a while to find out who was behind it  but when I did I found him sitting on a chair. He was a very large man, about 400 lbs, and hardly could move his body but his mouth rattled off. I asked him to stop and he wouldn’t. I asked him again and he didn’t. Then I got into fighting stance and I said stop. He wouldn’t.

So I moved closer to him and said it again. He wouldn’t. So I did a round-house kick at his head lightly on the side. His head tilted a bit and he was stunned. “Stop it,” I told him.

He wouldn’t.

So I started punching his face like a boxer. 10 or 15 times.

And he stopped.

At one point, I checked Facebook and saw that someone who wanted to learn from me was implementing something I had taught them. It brought me Joy.



Because the person in the dream is not someone I know in real life, it means it is about culture. The man was very over-weight, and had a few buddies with him & owned the auditorium or the rave somehow or a criminal organization within the rave. So this is about the culture of white-male privilege.

Doing Taekwondo in a dream is a metaphor for being able to defend myself against others’ attacks.

So I can think today of how to defend myself and how to be sure that I am not taken advantage of.

There are areas in my life in which people are trying to take advantage and harm me, consciously or unconsciously.

So I guess it’s time to put my dukes out and let them have it, metaphorically speaking.


Update: This dream is about having finished the old fight I was in. It’s done now. Because of the Joy at the end of the dream I can now look to that as a starting place. I can put a lot of energy and attention into opportunities & environments for creating Joy-filled & Loving relationships.


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