Whale Dream

My mom & sister were traveling home to me with people I cared about. When they all returned I fed them all, even though I was cautious about it. I warmed up stir fry and other things.

I was also on a set & I had to choose some sort of role. I couldn’t see any that interested me but I had to pick one so I choose the costume of someone who looked like they had been in a car crash, with neck brace, leg splint & cast on the arm. I thought it’d be easy to put on and off.

Later I was near an ocean with an Orca whale. Somehow the fin was getting cut off and the people who did it thought that the whale would be okay but it was too much for the whale to bare and it died. I saw it there dead in the ocean and I was so sad for it.

I heard its voice, saying it hadn’t believed in itself enough. It thought it couldn’t do it so it couldn’t. I was really very sad.

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