Intimacy In Dreams: A Symbol of Integration

The purpose of Dreamwork is to understand the inner Language of the Dream so the message can be used to increase the experience of Peace internally and externally. There are some universal symbols, some cultural symbols, some family symbols, and then some very personal, unique symbols.

If you think of dreams as coming through you, from a Higher Source, your True Self, or your Divine Intelligence with a message to help you to grow, then you begin to glimpse the process of Dreamwork the way Richard and I do it.

Many people dream and do dreamwork but they can only take it so far and then a block comes up which is so deep and so wide almost no one can go through it. People forget their dreams or find them insignificant. But the way I see it, they are gems. Writing & sharing dreams is like collecting and sharing gems.

In Richard’s Dreamwork process the vision is for Peace – universal and personal – this block can be permeated.

How to do that?

It was in this work that I realized I can’t move forward in dreamwork without writing about my understanding of the metaphor of sex & sexuality in dreams.

Here is the very biggest lesson for people to learn about dreamwork. Sex is dreams is a SYMBOL. Yes, it’s about intimacy but it is about intimacy with a quality, or virtue. Sex is a symbol for integrating with a quality or virtue of the person in the dream.

If you dream of someone and you are attracted to them in the dream, it means you are attracted to a certain quality/virtue they have and that you can develop it in yourself in real life now with some work.

If you work to develop this quality in yourself you might find issues come up, trauma from the past, for example, and there may be a lot of pain involved. The pain might show up in the body in real life. Maybe in the head or in the chest or abdomen or feet. Wherever it shows up is a lesson and a starting place for the work.

Working through the pain at a very intimate level with yourself will help you develop the quality that you really want to. It could be Enthusiasm, Patience, Compassion or Gentleness for example.

When you have developed this more and more fully, you might find yourself having an intimate dream with someone in your dream who has this quality. Be Aware! This is not to be taken literally!

This dream is not intended to be taken literally! Don’t go out and sleep with the person. It just means that now the quality they have is also in you and you are ready and able to integrate it now, more easily than before.

When you have worked with your dreams for a long time in this way it becomes really clear in time even if at the beginning it is a bit foggy or confusing.


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